There are some movies that we go back to as a family time and time again. Some of them are so revered, that we wait for family to come home for a vacation from college or a holiday. Often times I get a message, “Oooooh! Don’t watch that one without me… I’ll be home next week!”

These are the times that the giant cozy blankets get hauled out of closets and brought into the family room and huge bowls of buttery popcorn are made.

If it’s winter time, then a pot of hot chocolate is on the stove. Whipped cream? You bet! Snow day? What better reason for a marathon-movie-day?

These are some of our favorites…not in any particular order.

I hope you enjoy some of these with your children.

Princess Bride

A classic. Pirates, sword fighting, a beautiful princess along with comic relief…this movie is one that gets brought out nearly every year when all the kids are home for the holidays. The younger ones love it and the older ones get lost reliving their childhood memories.

“To the pain…”


Finding Neverland

The story of playwright James Barry, of Peter Pan fame. A magical story of his relationship with the young children who inspired the story of the Darling family. One of Johnny Depp’s best work, IMHO.


Sound of Music

Does anyone not know this movie? The story of the VonTrapp family during the Nazi invasion of Austria. Captain VonTrapp is widowed and needs a governess for his seven children. (Can you imagine?) Enter Julie Andrews as Maria, the singing-governess-wanna-be-nun. Get the popcorn out for this one.


Little Women

This is one of our all-time favorite winter movies to snuggle together and watch. A charming story of the March family in and around the Civil War. No further description will suffice for this one. Go make your hot chocolate and settle in.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A wonderful story of Caractacus Potts and his two charming, but truant, children. They have fallen in love with an old race car that Mr. Potts decides to fix up. The adventures begin from there!


Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

The story of a magical toy store and the young woman that works there… and is possibly a bit stuck in her own life.  Mr. Magorium? None other than Dustin Hoffman.

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”


Mary Poppins

This will bring you back to your childhood…but now you can watch it and see all the magic from an adult’s perspective. When Bert teaches Mr. Banks the importance of being present for his kids… Best. Scene. Ever.

But so is this one…actually I could’ve included about ten clips, but I had to pick one.


Toy Story 1

The first in three-part series of the adventures of Buzz and Woody along with all their friends. The first of the three is my personal favorite, but I’m not a big fan of sequels. (but I just love the green army men) Lots of creative humor regarding the secret life of toys when no one is watching.


Inside Out

This quickly shot up to the top of our list of family favorites. It’s the story of a little girl growing up and the perspective is taken from all her emotions and how they rear their own distinct personalities. Really clever movie! Make sure you watch the credit scenes on this one….they’re almost as entertaining as the movie, itself.



Great movie for the dog lover. Richard Gere plays a happily married middle-aged music professor that comes upon a stray puppy on his way home from work one evening. The bond is instantaneous.

I’m not gonna lie…you’ll probably cry. Get the tissues ready.


Secondhand Lions

A really fun, family movie about two old cranky bachelor-uncles that find themselves with a young boy in their lives for a summer. Robert Duvall and Michael Caine are rude, nasty and completely lovable. Lots of action and laughs for the whole family!


Anne of Green Gables

One of my all time favorites, but if you’re looking for pirates and adventure, pick another movie. However, if you have a warm cup of tea and a blanket…this is for you. The movie takes place on Prince Edward Island around the turn of the century and has all the innocence of that era. When I watch this movie (actually it’s a trilogy) it makes me want to live there. The scenery is breathtaking!


Now that I’ve watched all these trailers I could go for a great snow storm! Too bad it’s July.

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