1. Apples to Apples

      When you really want to try to figure out what makes your kids think the way they do, pull this game out and watch them try to justify their reasoning as to why ‘freckles are horrifying’ or why the ‘IRS is lovable’.

    2. Qwirkle

      For your little logic lovers. This game honestly makes me cry, but I’m not a huge strategy/logic game person. When my 11-year-old pulls this game out of our bulging game closet, it’s a “go find your father” moment.

    3. Q-Bitz

      A great test of memory and spatial awareness. Players try to memorize the pattern on a card and replicate it on individual sets of cubes. This is a fun game to see who is going to do better in high school Geometry, thereby funding your retirement…which is really what we’re all about.

    4. Sequence

      A fun, accessible game for kids of varying ages. A little less strategy focused and more luck based, but a great way to spend time with the younger kids as well as the older ones. Great for an evening when you’re a little low on brain cells and the kids want to play a game.

    5. Monopoly

      A time-tested great family game that teaches your little real estate mogul how to manage their money…or not. Sometimes this game can bring out a level of competitiveness that was previously unchartered. Make sure everyone takes a happy pill before they sit down to this one!

    6. Mastermind

      If logic and reasoning is your thing then this is your game! Even if it’s not, it’s a great game to develop these skills. Players take turns being the code maker and code breaker, with a limited number of turns to decipher the order and placement of colored pegs.

    7. Bananagrams

      A great game that actually can be played with younger kids as well. While the older kids play by the traditional rules, we like to set up the younger ones with their own set of tiles and let them explore all the words they know. They feel included and the older kids get to help them learn. It’s a win-win.

    8. Scrabble

      Another word game but played differently. This game is more about making the best word and using the points on the board to your advantage. A much slower-paced, thoughtful game than Bananagrams, but a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

    9. Strateg0

      This is great for your kids that love to fight military battles. My Army West Point guy still loves to play this game. Set up your side of the board to fight off attacks and protect your flag. This game has been around forever and will still be here when your kids have kids.

    10. Clue

      I love to watch the kids develop their sense of strategy with this game. My kids love this game and my husband enjoys it more than I do, so I’m usually making a giant bowl of popcorn for everyone during this one. Still a favorite with the kids!

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