After 28+ years of playing games at the kitchen table, we have certainly accumulated a few favorites. I’ve compiled a list of these and hope you enjoy them with your kiddos as much as we have!

10. Suspend

A great game of balance and with a wee bit of physics for the younger kids. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” ~Newton

9. Memory

Who doesn’t remember playing this game as a kid? I loved watching my kids develop their abilities for recollection and eventually beat their mom!

8. Connect Four

A classic that pretty much any age can play and enjoy. Develops the ability to look ahead and plan a bit of strategy. Great start to games with more strategy down the road.

7. Chutes and Ladders

Honestly, one of our favorites even after preschool was long gone. A great game for the older siblings to play with the younger ones while helping their number sense!

6. Candy Land

The first game in most every house. A true classic for the young ones just being introduced to the skill of taking turns and not always winning. So important!

5. Blokus

Another great beginner level strategy and logic game. Taking turns, fit all your Tetris-like shapes onto a board in an effort to be the first one to use all their pieces. It gets tricky fast though as you quickly run out of open space for your bigger pieces.

4. Labyrinth

This has been a family favorite for many years. A bit tricky for the younger ones, but you can play a shorter version with them by dealing fewer cards until they get the hang of it. A fun family game.

3. Enchanted Forest

Our version of this game is has been loved to pieces! Literally. Roll the dice and make your way to the trees, one by one, to secretly check the fairy tale symbol under the tree, being sure to memorize them all. Then race your opponent to the cards with the matching symbols, and see if you can remember which tree you saw it under. Lots of fun!

2. Hi-Ho Cherry-O

Boy does this bring back memories of vacuuming up tiny red, plastic cherries! Just kidding, actually my kids loved this game when they were little. It was their first real counting game and they could play it for hours… so we did! A great way to introduce numeration to the three’s and four’s in your house.

1. The Cart Before the Horse

Another introduction to working with logic and deductive thinking. This game is actually for one at a time, but a great way to have the kiddos play quietly, think and take turns! A trifecta of greatness!

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