The Kids’ Voices

As you can tell, my kids are a wealth of experiences. They have plenty of stories of their own to share.

In this category, you will hear stories from their own perspective of growing up in a large, politically incorrect family.



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Here are some short bios so you can get to know the family:


Brendan, #1: First of the brood, works at Georgetown University, lives outside of Washington, DC, with his amazing wife, Meg.


Bridget, #2: Lives outside of Boston, teaches seventh grade at a nearby charter school.


Kelly, #3: Works in the field of Religious Freedom, lives in the heart of Washington, DC, married to Ryan.


Keegan, #4: Attends the United States Military Academy at West Point, pursuing a degree in Industrial Psychology. The whirlwind of the nine.


Abby, #5: Recent graduate of Cheverus High School, attending The College of the Holy Cross in the fall. Hilarious, generous and snarky. A perfect mix.


Aidan, #6: Rising junior at Cheverus High School, avid debater, chess player, and all-around math geek. You’ll never find a better friend.


Kathleen, #7: Soon-to-be freshman, passionate writer, and poet. My IT extraordinaire for this blog.


Declan, #8: Soon-to-be middle schooler, reader, thinker, and builder of robots. A very kind-hearted young man who adores his sisters.


Keira, #9: Bringing up the rear, sassy and dramatic storyteller with a bit of attitude and my top hugger.