Ok. I’ll probably take some heat for this one. Mostly from my daughter who is my sounding board for this blog. But she’s out with her dad at youth group…so I’ll write.

I read a piece a few days ago on vacationing with your kids. The mom will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Mostly because I’d be embarrassed if I was her.

The type of vacation she writes about is called a kids club.  

Have you heard of it? I never really did, but that’s because our vacations don’t include the possibility of the option of a kids club. And while we don’t have the extra cash flow for these type of excursions…you couldn’t pay me enough to go to a resort and hire someone to haul my kids from one activity to another.

The debate roars on about these…are they safe? Are they the right thing? Are they the worst thing ever? 

Ok…That was my question because I’m pretty convinced they are.

It’s not just lounging poolside that’s on the table for grownups at a major resort like Atlantis: there are casinos, bars, restaurants, clubs, parties

It makes me immeasurably sad that these “family” places exist. They’re not about family…

When my husband and I first started out, our family was something we dreamed about. How many kids? How far apart? Boys? Girls? It didn’t matter…bring ’em on. 

We didn’t wait till we had six figures in the bank and two new cars to start our family. That didn’t matter to us. We knew we wanted them, every single one, and why we wanted them. 

Because of love. What was the point of waiting? For money? So we could afford the right kids club? I don’t think so.

Now I ask you, why do you ‘plan’ (read: $pay$) for a family vacation-then hire a babysitter for your family? Are you really that stressed out? If so, you have some thinking to do. Is this the best environment for your kids to grow up in? Will they be better off because you took them to the fancy resort then pawned them off to hired hands? 

Is that really what you think they want?

Watch this video for another thought.

That gets me every time. As parents, we need to watch this video once a month. All the expensive vacations in the world, all the hired nannies for all the arts and crafts activities are not what your little one wants.

It’s you they want. Just you.


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