This category is exactly what I stated in the title: MY opinion.

Allow me to explain. Over my many years of parenting, I have been approached countless times with the question, “How do you get your kids to… ?” (add in your verb of choice…eat, behave, respect, sit still). I’ve pretty much been asked about every behavior at every location at every age.

This is where I will tell you how I made it all work. You can disagree. I’m 100% OK with that. People usually do, so you won’t hurt my feelings 🙂

What I can tell you is that everything I will write about on this page worked for us. Was it always conventional wisdom? Will you read it in the latest trending book? Probably not, but it worked. Time and time again for all the kids with all their varying personalities. (Yea, we have a lot of different personalities sitting around our table, and I wouldn’t trade one of them!)

Enjoy and feel free to let me know if any of it works for you.