We had quite a weekend. Actually, it’s been quite a year.

This past weekend Kelly (#3) got married to Ryan (haven’t figured out his number yet….3.1?) It was an incredible wedding. Beautiful. Filled with God, love, and family. Not too big, not too small. Lots of dancing and immeasurable joy.

Let’s not forget that Brendan married his love, Meg, back in December. Just as amazing. So much love and most of the extended family was able to be together to celebrate.

At Kelly’s wedding, Kevin and I were dancing. I can’t remember the song… but there was a lot of Sinatra, so I’m sure it was a great song. As we looked around the dance floor we noticed all of our kids out there dancing as well. Some with spouses and boyfriends, some with each other or an aunt or uncle. Keegan was with Grandma. All were loving life.

We just soaked it all in. It was so great.

“Wow. How did we get to here?” my husband said to me as the reality of what we had all around us sunk in.

Thirty+ years ago we were in Kelly and Ryan’s shoes, just starting our life together. We had no idea what our future would hold and, frankly, weren’t really thinking beyond the moment. We knew we wanted a family, but had no idea what was in store for us.

Fast forward to Friday. Thirty Christmases have passed. Nine kids have blessed our home. Twenty-eight years of birthdays for nine kids (that’s a lot of cake).

48,600+/- diapers. Yes, I did the math.

Nine baptisms and nine First Communions.

Nine readings of the Chronicles of Narnia and nine viewings of Harry Potter.

Five colleges so far, and (poor Dad) countless FAFSA applications. Our 17th college move in day is later this month, and we’re barely halfway done.

And all of that was dancing around us on the dance floor last Friday, and we felt like it happened in the blink of an eye.

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