When we first started our homeschooling run in 1997, the world wide web had barely been in our home for just a few short months. Remember dial-up with the obnoxious connecting noise? Most everything my kids did on the computer in those early years was with a cd-rom.

I hadn’t even heard of the word download.

We had the old Reader Rabbit series and my kids played them for HOURS. They were awesome…in the late 90’s.

Then slowly, one by one, the cd-roms became obsolete. The more updated the OS, the fewer discs we were able to use. Some were converted into downloads, but many just became inaccessible.

As time marched on, our homeschooling morphed into a fantastic mix of traditional textbooks, literature and online resources.

This is where you’ll find our favorite resources. Please feel free to comment and share your own favorites, or email me and I’ll check them out!




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