I recently came across a new book by an up-and-coming children’s author, Maria Ashworth. Her book, Tommy James, was fun and engaging for any kid who longs to be a cowboy!

The story follows Tommy James, ‘the littlest cowboy in Reckon’. He doesn’t mind his small size until a mean cattle-caller, Bo Jones, comes to town. Tommy figures out how to prove himself to all the bigger

cowboys while staying true to himself.

The illustrations, done by Andrea Emmick, were enchanting and told the story just as much as the fun, bouncing prose.

Ashworth hooks kids’ attention and holds it with her use of cowboy lingo:

“That wrangler is getting under my skin.”

Tommy James grew madder than a wet hen.

“You and what posse?”

The story is fun, the illustrations are great, and I’d recommend this book to any little fan of the Wild West.

Visit Maria Ashworth’s site for more of her work!



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