Stay home or go back to work?

This is by far the biggest dilemma for many new parents. And it should be.

The trickiest part is that a new mom has absolutely no idea how they are going to feel about the decision when they have fallen head over heels in love with their new baby. The first few months of motherhood are complicated. You’ve been gifted with this precious little being that needs you every hour of every day, and you never thought you could love something so completely. All is wonderful, but your hormones are on a collision path with your ability to reason.

And then you slowly start inching toward your return date to work. You keep trying to convince yourself that it’s best for the family to have the second income. Then you settle into the rocking chair and snuggle your new little one off to sleep and you’re not so sure.

You know the daycare that you’ve put into place is great, one of the best around. But it’s not you. Sure, they’re great people. But You are the mom. And it matters.

When we were starting out, as I’ve mentioned before, I was lucky that I never had a career that I had built or even dreamed of building. I wanted to be a mom, full time, hopefully to many. I’ve been very blessed with a husband that also wanted this. I can’t imagine having to make such a difficult decision at such a new, tender time in your life.

So why am I writing about this today? My youngest is 10-years-old, and I’m finally at the point when I can look out and see what’s next on my life plan. But I wouldn’t change one single day of the past 28+ years since my first baby came into my world.

Do we have any money? No, not really. We drive old cars. We cut every corner we can, and we have nine kids that understand the value of what we’ve chosen.

Whether you have one, two or ten children, be the first person they see when they wake up and the last person they see before bed. It goes by fast.

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