I believe one of the most important parts of homeschooling is having a knowledge of the world and its geography. Far too many kids have no idea of the great, wide world that lies beyond their neighborhood schools.

When we started homeschooling I used a now obsolete program that had maps of all the continents, countries, states and bodies of water. It was amazing to watch them memorize (I know…a dirty word in this day and age) the countries and capitals of Europe, the islands of the Caribbean and provinces of Canada. They had so much fun competing with each other to see who could make the fewest mistakes. They still talk about it!

Sadly, the program was outdated and we had to find a replacement. It took a while, but we did: Lizardpoint.com

It has great quizzes on everything from world rivers to capitals of the USA. The quizzes are clickable and easy to use, and teachers can customize their own. There are different options for each quiz: study, test, and strict test, based on the student’s skill level. There are also quizzes on flags of the world, nation leaders, and even counties of England!

For the more advanced geography student, the weekly trivia is a fun challenge. Each week, Lizardpoint features a ten-question quiz on random geography facts about earth formations, international cities, and historical events.

An added bonus: the entire site is completely free! Individual accounts for each student are available, complete with personal quiz trackers; these record your success on different types of quizzes (the USA, European rivers, etc.) and give you the opportunity to earn stamps for each ‘milestone’. Parents can keep track of their students’ progress easily.

Lizardpoint has been a great resource for my family. Check out their site for yourself and enjoy the informative video below!

Test your geography knowledge – clickable map quizzes

Clickable Map Quizzes of the world – just click on the map to answer the questions. Great geography practice for students in elementary school, middle school, high school, colleges and universities.

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