Every family can tell you a list of their favorite books. And every family will be able and willing to convince you that their favorite is, by far, the best one out there…and my family is no different. 

I’ve been out of the five and under age group for a few years, but I still see my kids going back, time after time, to the same well-worn books on the bookshelves.  These are the ones they tell me they want to pack away for their own kids or at the very least have on the ready for a trip to Grandma’s house. Now, I’m not so sure that I’m ready to be a grandma yet, but when the time comes rest assured I’ll have these favorites ready (with homemade cookies, of course) for storytime at Grandma’s!

Max Lucado…

Writes the books that top our list. He’s a Christian author and his books are full of wonderful allusions to living a moral life for a young mind. The illustrations by Sergio Martinez, among others, are wonderful and bring the magical stories to life.

His series of The Wemmicks was one of the first to steal our hearts.

In You Are Special, Punchinello, a small wooden person, lives in a small village made up of other wooden people who spend their days giving each other stickers. Yellow stars for the pretty and talented wooden people and gray dots for the others. Punchinello only gets gray dots. 

“Punchinello…tried to jump high like the others, but he always fell.

     …and when he fell, the others would gather around and give him dots.”

Then he met Lucia. She had no stars or dots on her at all…they just didn’t stick. So he asks her how she does it…

“Every day I go see Eli, the woodcarver.” said Lucia

The beautiful story continues as Punchinello goes to visit the woodcarver on the hill every day to discover what makes him special.

Lucado continues the rich story telling with several more additions to the Wemmick series and more lovable characters for our little ones to discover.

~If Only I had a Green Nose 

~You Are Mine

~Your Special Gift

~Best Of All

There may be more delightful Wemmick stories out there, but these are the ones we’ve come across and loved until the corners curled in.



After the Wemmicks, Lucado keeps weaving beautiful stories. 

Another favorite of ours is Just The Way You Are. A story for the five to eight-year-old crowd, it’s a beautiful tale of a family of five orphan children, brothers and sisters who have banded together. The King learns of the children’s misfortune and announces that he will adopt them and come for them soon – and they are very excited!

But when the village people soon learn about the King’s visit, they tell the children:

“You need to impress the King.”

“Only those with great gifts will be allowed to live in the castle.”

And so the story continues with the children running off to perfect their gifts, leaving the youngest to assume she has nothing to offer the King. As the King enters the village, he goes to visit the children only to realize that they are too busy for him, except for the youngest. It’s a beautiful story of a child’s self-worth and believing in the knowledge that they are enough…that all my kids read time and time again. 


Finally, The Oak Inside The Acorn is beautiul story about a small tree trying to understand what his purpose is. The message, be the best version of yourself is a powerful one as the small tree grows and discovers the perfect gift he was designed for. 

As we approach this Christmas season, these books are beautiful gifts for your children.

Start them young with these wonderful stories and help them appreciate who they are meant to be!


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