Finding a good homeschool science curriculum was a years-long endeavor for me, made more difficult by the fact that I have never loved studying science. However, here I was…a homeschool mom and I wanted something that would be interesting for the kids, but selfishly, not need a lot of materials and assistance from me. To be brutally honest, I much prefer history along with many other subjects.

So when it came to science I was treading the line between knowing it was important and being not particularly interested in the subject. But like any homeschool parent, I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure my kids had a different (better) view of the sciences (insert your own subject that you struggled with as a kid)… and so far most of my kids seemed interested in learning about everything from the Human Body to the Solar System to Biomes.

Yikes! Where to start?

Finally, after years of searching and giving the world wide web the opportunity to further infiltrate our program, I found it. It’s called Science Fusion by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 

Science Fusion is a great combination of a textbook and web-based program. The kids can explore the pages in the units and lessons and then move onto the computer to receive the lesson digitally and watch videos and finally, take quizzes and tests. They even have great videos of scientists out working in their fields.

Check out this video about alligators…these scientists would get any student excited!

I always enjoyed searching out additional resources to individualize the units for each child, and I knew that was possible for science as well. For example, when we studied the Solar System I had one child that wanted to go deeper than the lesson gave us. So I took him deeper. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons we homeschool? And then when they studied Biomes, his sister was chomping to learn more. So, she did, too.

Check out this quick video on the benefits of learning science with multiple formats.


The one potentially negative aspect of this curriculum is the cost. But as any good homeschooler knows, there are ways around that. Most homeschoolers are pros at cutting corners! Amiright?

So here’s how I worked around this. When you go on the website, you’ll notice that the K-5 curriculum is a full year study. They run about $175 for each year. While that may work for some families, it was a little steep for me (as a mother to many), and also I thought a whole year on one book might get a bit…mundane for a young one. So I ordered the middle school course, one for each semester. The people at Science Fusion expect a middle school course ($52) to last about a quarter, but with outside resources and a project per quarter (Prezi, anyone?) I easily made it last a semester.

That allowed us to go in depth with the older kids (grades 6-8) and the younger kids (grades 4-5) can move a bit slower. They can learn how to write a biography from the People in Science Gallery, included in every course. Or you can incorporate a Versal course to add depth to a particular area of interest for an older one or even a silly video to help the younger ones stay engaged.

Science Fusion is an extremely engaging program is filled with great lessons, videos, online quizzes and countless other resources for you and your student.

Take some time to explore the program. Click below to visit the site.

ScienceFusion Homeschool

More than a traditional science program and more than an online science textbook, ScienceFusion offers over 3,000 interactive lessons, simulations, videos, virtual labs, and animations in an environment fusing print and digital experiences.



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